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Define the Next Generation of Board Meetings

Shaparency and Director Institute have partnered to give you the keys to unlock the boardroom of tomorrow.

As modern leaders are demanding change in an outdated and archaic board practice, digitisation of board and shareholder management is positively influencing the board’s experience. Shaparency’s philosophy is to increase the efficiency of board and shareholder operations to save money, time, improve governance and shareholder experience.

We have mapped out the user experience with hundreds of global brands and built an intuitive, frictionless and practical digital experience.

Board portal

Prepare, host and manage board and shareholder meetings in one secure portal from anywhere in the world.

Document management

Create, store, share and digitally sign all your documents in our secure cloud

Secure voting

Run all your voting directly from a platform
and even collect proxy votes securely
and efficiently.

Manage every part of your board meetings and shareholder communications in our secure cloud platform. Store all your documents, create templates, digital agendas and digital minutes plus much more.

Shaparency offers:

Meeting creation and management

Digital template-based notices

Digital minute taking

Voting & proxy voting


Document management

Due diligence

Shareholder Portal

Blockchain ledger for company governance

Paperless boards

Why Boards Must Go Digital

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