Member Onboarding

  • Tell us more about the types of board roles you have an interest in securing.
  • Tell us more about what education opportunities and events you would be interested in attending.
  • Tell us about the types of business networking and introductions that would support your board search.
  • Tell us about the types of work you are interested in securing in your career or board portfolio.
  • Tell us more about what you would like to achieve in the next 12 months, what are your top 3 career goals, what are your key priorities during your membership.
  • Please tell us what support you require and services that are of most interest to you during your board search.
  • Tell us what you believe you bring to the boardroom table, where do you think you could add most value and what has motivated you to undertake board director work?
  • Would you be willing to speak with other members and prospect members about the Director Institute service. Are you willing to contribute thought leadership to the community.

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