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Glambition Radio – with Ali Brown​

Ali Brown interviews Kylie Hammond who shares why she’s made it her mission to break barriers in the boardroom as the CEO of the fastest growing network of director talent, Director Institute: Next Generation Directors.


HC Online

To what extent should HR accommodate Non-Executive Directors?

With the growing emergence of ‘portfolio careers’ and the increased demand for next generation board directors, HR professionals are now faced with a growing number of requests from executives wishing to serve on external company boards.

Sydney Morning Herald

Get onboard with a unique pathway

The majority of board positions are paid ($50,000 to $60,000 is typical for an advisory role) but getting your first role is usually the biggest challenge.

HC Online

Why it’s time for HR to step into the Boardroom

Boards need directors who understood people, as people are only one of a handful of ways to gain competitive advantage in the market.

Australian Financial Review

Want a backdoor into the boardroom? Become an advisor.

The majority of board positions are paid ($50,000 to $60,000 is typical for an advisory role) but getting your first role is usually the biggest challenge.

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Sky News Switzer

Board director appointments need to evolve

Boardrooms are in need of a shake-up and the criteria for selecting replacement directors is badly out of date.

The Australian

Boards must crack Asia’s bamboo ceiling

The majority of board positions are paid ($50,000 to $60,000 is typical for an advisory role) but getting your first role is usually the biggest challenge.

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Women’s Agenda

Baby to Boardroom: It’s absolutely possible

Talented female senior executives who leave the workforce to have children need to consider the opportunities that are presented by starting a board career.

Sydney Morning Herald

Secret power of advisory boards to supercharge small business

So many small businesses credit them as their secret weapon. But is an advisory board the right step for you?
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Business First

Business First

Connecting top fresh director talent with board opportunities

There is a fresh, dynamic talent pool of quality directors available with phenomenal skills and capabilities that can make a real contribution at board level. Business First spoke with Kylie Hammond of the Director Institute about what it takes to thrive in a board role.

Dynamic Business

How to get your dream team advisory board

There comes a time in every entrepreneur’s business journey when they recognise they need more than just casual advice. The formation of an advisory board with the right mix of skills, experience and talent is often critical to the long-term success of the business venture.

womensagenda article

Women’s Agenda

The 3 REAL reasons why there aren’t more women in the boardroom

Lip service has been paid for long enough about gender diversity in ASX-listed boardrooms. There has been plenty of talk about quotas, ‘30 per cent clubs’, and exclusive mentoring programs offered as a cure-all to aspiring female board members from more experienced ASX Chairman and Board Directors. Yet, the numbers still don’t stack up. We are still not making progress towards equal representation in the ASX-listed environments.

Business News Australia

Director Institute says ASX boards need overhaul

The majority of ASX-listed companies are still failing to understand the importance of ensuring a diverse set of skills in the boardroom.

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Australian Anthill

Your business needs to get the right funding – how start-ups can attract ‘smart capital’

It’s a reality that capital raising for start-ups remains challenging in Australia. And while there have been some good initiatives in this space, many high potential start-ups are starved for funds and in particular ‘smart capital’.

Sky News My Career

Building a boardroom career, how to get on board.

Many of us aspire to climb the corporate ladder and help steer a company to success, but getting there can seem like an impossible task. The competition is fierce, with only 80 new board positions available each year in the Australia’s top 200 listed companies. So, how can you get ahead and make it onto a board? Sky News Business reporter Carson Scott spoke with Kylie Hammond, CEO of the Director Institute.

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