Kylie Hammond – CEO of Director Institute

I’m Kylie Hammond, CEO of the Director Institute: Next Generation Directors. 

There is a perception that the traditional method of securing board positions is for a chosen elite group of business executives, and developing a portfolio will take many years.
Up until now the board recruitment market has been controlled by old school thinking that is not keeping pace with the changes that are occurring in the business world.  

The Keys to the Boardroom Program is designed to be a self-paced eLearning program which will show you step by step how to fast track your Board Career, how to break into that until now illusive inner circle and how to get access to the over 90% of the unadvertised Board positions.
I will teach you what keys open the doors to the most sought after Board Rooms, all the do’s and don’ts of securing Board positions, and a clear road map of how to future proof your career and retirement with a Board portfolio.
You may be currently stuck in a job rather than a career, feeling bored, frustrated and unfulfilled in your current role, or maybe you feel you are just not using your full potential where you are right now. 

The good news is that becoming a Next Generation Board Director solves these problems. When done correctly, creating a well-balanced Board Portfolio allows you to contribute as an influential leader and make a big difference by steering, growing and enhancing many different organisations in a variety of industries. Nothing will test your leadership skills more and simultaneously provide the fulfilment that accessing your full potential brings.

The graduates from our programs are becoming more and more sought after as Directors because we understand exactly what company Boards need going into one of the most exciting and turbulent times in economic history, with the technological & industrial revolutions that have already started and are forecast to disrupt over 40% of existing occupations. Size does not matter anymore and we have already seen major global companies loose massive market share to maverick innovators who are redefining the status quo – Air B&B and Uber to name a few. Are you ready to take up the call to be the Next Generation of Board Directors? This is why I started the Directors Institute and what the Keys to the Board Room Program is all about. Preparing those Leaders who want to make more of contribution, and be ready to take the helm of Next Generation Boards all around the world. For those of you who may have sought Board positions in the past, you may have experienced the frustration of the apparent “inner circle boys club” of Directorship that seems almost impossible to penetrate. 

I will show you how to slice through these closed door circles gracefully and get access to the networks that are actively seeking the Next Generation of Board Directors. 
Now you might be thinking you don’t have the time to do this type of work, or that you can pursue a board career later when you are in your 60’s. You may have tried to crack into the boardroom before but have struggled to gain access to the right types of board roles and opportunities. You may have been told that serving on boards is risky business and simply not worth it.
I am going to debunk many of these myths and your concerns and show you what an amazing board career can look like and why you need to really get serious about this now. 

The Keys to the Boardroom will give you a really structured way on how you can go about starting your board career, and explain what the critical things you need to know are. The program will give you the step-by-step approaches that you’re going to need to really kick-start your career, and go on to add real value in the boardroom. 
There has never been a better time to serve on boards and armed with the right information and your board career plan, you will be well placed to achieve amazing results.
There has never been a better time to serve on boards and armed with the right information and your board career plan, you will be well placed to achieve amazing results.

So let’s get started.
Kylie Hammond – CEO Director Institute

Keys to the Boardroom Program designed to give you the foundations to begin or accelerate your Board Career and develop a Board Portfolio of Board Appointments. This professional development program is ideal for the busy executive who wants to learn in their own time and at their own pace. The program includes 20 x eLearning modules, a comprehensive WorkBook, free eBook “Welcome to the Boardroom: The Step-By-Step Strategy to Launching Your Board Career” plus an exclusive presentation Board Director Briefing by Kylie Hammond from the Platinum Luxury Career Retreat in September 2018. As part of your $299 Keys to the Boardroom online e-learning program,  you will also receive 12 months access to Director Institute Exclusive Job Board. Read on