About Kylie Hammond:

Kylie Hammond is a leading board and executive search, board talent management consultant, and Australia’s foremost CEO Business Mentor.

Kylie is the CEO and founder of Director Institute, Australia’s fastest growing network of Director talent.

Director Institute (www.directorinstitute.com.au) provides current and aspiring Board Directors with all the tools, resources and training needed to begin or expand a Board Portfolio.  And, importantly provides access to the most comprehensive list of board roles available anywhere in the market.  

The organisation was founded as a result of Kylie experiencing first hand the difficulties that senior executives experienced when looking to move into the boardroom.  The issue of limited diversity on the boards of Australian organisations is well versed and includes issues of gender imbalance, and ‘off-market’ appointments made from small circles of applicants.  With her focus, enthusiasm and energy, Kylie has challenged the status quo in regards to board recruitment and works directly with organisations that are building their boards, or looking for replacement directors, while at the same time working directly with aspiring directors looking to start their careers.  

In the last 12 months alone Kylie has personally mentored over 500 senior executives and CEO’s and completed over 2,500 board placements in the Australian market.