Global Thought Leadership

Lindsay Fox
The art of negotiation

Hon. John Howard OM AC
Preserve a sense of proportion

Gary Knell
Every leader needs a sense of humility

Sir Thomas Hunter

Everybody fails, it’s what you do after

David Copperfield

There is value in the detail

Nolan Bushnell

Founder of Atari, Inc. & Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza on the inspiration

Bill Squadron

On how big data analytics continues to change pro sports

Elizabeth Broderick AO

Why should I know about age discrimination? 

Baroness Valerie Ann Amos

What does it take to be a leader?

 Mark DeCocinis

Luxury Resort Leadership Advice from Ritz Carlton’s Asia-Pacific Vice President

Leonard M. Harlan

Ducere GLF on surrounding yourself with top talent

Sarah Watson

Why would I share it? Why is it relevant?

Chris A. Barrie

Creating a working environment which people love

Peter Bassat 

How to approach a job Interview

Professor Marian Chertow

What is industrial ecology

Helain Leggat

Enterprise information management

Claudia González Romo

Ducere Global Leader 

Dana Cowin 

Ducere Global Leader

Mr Andrew Macleod
Chief of Operations, United Nations Emergency Coordination Centre (2005)

Crisis management / Leadership / Collaboration

Hon Julia Gillard AC
Prime Minister, Australia (2010-2013)

Boards / Gender equality / Quotas

General David Petraeus
Director, CIA (2011-2012)

Leadership / Empowerment / Initiative

Mr Andrew Basset
Co-founder and CEO of Seek

Leadership / Feedback / Self-awareness

Mrs Sally Capp
Lord Mayor of Melbourne

Authentic Leadership / Self-development / Engagement

Prof. Robert Kaplan
Professor of Management Practice, Harvard Business School

Customer needs / Innovation

Prof. Muhammad Yunus
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (2006)

Social Business / Sustainable Business / Social impact

Ms Sophie Ryan
CEO, Sony Foundation

Leadership / Creativity / Followership

Ms Kay Koplovitz
Founder, USA Network

Values / Authenticity / Entrepreneurship

Mrs Tracey Fellows
CEO, REA Group

Digital Disruption / Big Data / Change Management

Mr Michael Andrew
Chairman, KPMG International (2011-2014)

Networking / Soft skills

Mr Matt Rockman
Co-founder of Seek

Leadership / Integrity / Motivation

Mr Gib Bulloch
Founder, Accenture Development Partnerships

Business case / Intangible returns / Stakeholder value

Mr Simon Spencer
Founder, Edgelabs

Success / Measurement / Strategy

Prof. Robin Battreham AO
Chief Scientist, Australia (1999-2005)

Innovation / Risk / Consistent Fundamentals

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