What is DirectorGuard?

DirectorGuard is an insurance policy for individual directors designed as a risk management and asset protection tool.

Intended as a supplementary cover to your company’s Directors’ & Officers’ policy or Management Liability cover, it is activated when your company, or its policies; refuse to or are unable to indemnify you, or when the limit of liability has already been exhausted.

It provides you with the confidence that you will have coverage should the situation require it.

DirectorGuard has been designed in partnership with Director Institute and Insurance House and is exclusive to members of Director Institute.

The Benefits

  • Option of $250,000 or $500,000 Limit
  • No Excess
  • Automatic cover for all non public Directorships*
  • Removes issues of allocation amongst board directors
  • Underwritten by Lloyd’s of London and managed in Australia
  • Access to a panel of Legal Experts and free 30 minute legal consultation
  • Automatic run off cover available
  • Coverage post retirement
  • OH&S Defence Costs up to the full policy indemnity limit